Want to solve difficult problems at scale? Eager to make an impact?

Engineering is at the heart of everything we do at LIFULL Connect. The scale of the work we do is huge and the impact is global.

We process all the ads in the world several times a day in 4 categories: real estate, jobs, motor & fashion. Our 250 sites in 63 countries serve 300M ads per month to 180M users.
Every month we send 300 million emails, 450 million web push notifications and process around 20 million images to ensure the best experience for our users.

Our Mission

At LIFULL Connect we help people find solutions in their life’s biggest decisions: either find a new place to live, a new means of transportation, or a new Job. Very important life-changing decisions go through our systems. We empower our diverse team to take on the most inspiring challenges to achieve this mission & we have a great time doing it.

Our values

  • Be your true self: talent comes in all shapes, colours, genders, beliefs and sexual orientations.
  • People Care: the willingness to do what we can for the needs of others.
  • Impact: it is our main measure of progress and success.
  • Growth Mindset: we are humble, curious, dedicated and we support each other.
  • User Centric: we have true love for our users.

Our Technology

Our systems are powered by a lot of different technologies (Kotlin, PHP, Java, Go, Scala, Ruby,…) but our bet is on Kotlin, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Spark & AWS. All of our new systems are created using these technologies & we have plans to migrate some more. That being said, our view is that technology is not important per se, it’s just a means to an end. We use technology to build products that help our users succeed.

Our way of working

We are a product company with a data-driven approach to everything we do. We are strongly influenced by the Agile/lean mindset, but we are not zealots of any methodology. We tend to use the eXtreme Programming way of creating software, so you will see a lot of TDD, Pair Programming & Mob Programming in our teams. At the same time we are extremely focused on achievement in our endeavors, so expect a lot of practical decisions & adaptation to the context in every team.

Work side by side with professional product specialists

Our product specialists (product managers, UI/UX designers, copywriters) have a lot of experience in the business, they had a very lean approach, are data-driven, they do research, experiments and collaborate hand in hand with tech people to run experiments, learn & improve our products in the best possible way.


Locations & Remote work

We have tech offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Bangkok, Buenos Aires & Mar del Plata. Near 400 employees work with a remote-first policy (we work as if everyone is remote even if you are working in one office or from your home). In addition to this, our offices, serve as a place to gather together every once in a while (usually every 2 months) so we can have some fun time together or enjoy working face to face occasionally.


Learning and development opportunities: O’Reilly learning account & Internal platform to hone your skills at your own pace.

Work with many of the best minds in their field. Our employees are organizers of prominent communities & events in the Spark, Software Crafters & Agile space.

Private medical insurance, Flexible Payment Plan (Restaurant, Transport, Kindergarten),  and healthy food and snacks at the office.

Salary based on your contribution: our process ensures that your pay rate doesn’t depend on your bargaining skills but your current contribution to the company & the market value that you have. Ask us how it works.

Opportunities for all disciplines

Websites with millions of users, search engines with millions of records, processing pipelines, systems to send millions of emails, B2B products, processes to buy traffic with algorithms,  & data… a lot of data. There are plenty of opportunities for the kind of challenge that you like. We have a strong culture of moving from one team to another if there is a need or the challenge is not up to your motivations. You can grow with us & never be bored.