Tips if you want to sell or rent a property

  • Use images, be descriptive and precise in the information of the property to give a previous idea of it.
  • Be cautious, preferably don’t post phones that give hints of your workplace. If your home contact number, be cautious about sharing that information.
  • Answer the questions, answer all the doubts that those interested in your offer may have, either by phone or by e-mail.
  • Be wary of shoppers who can’t talk on the phone for any excuse.
  • Avoid doing business with non-local people, don’t accept offers from contacts who can’t meet you in person. Do not accept checks from foreign banks, do not use payment systems that cannot guarantee transactions with strangers.
  • Meet in public places. If you need to be in a specific place, avoid being alone. If you’re showing your home, schedule visits for a specific time and day. Let your neighbors know that you will have visitors in your home.
  • Negotiate, it is possible that some buyer is willing to make a counteroffer.
  • Be cautious, preferably do not accept personal checks. Make clear from the beginning all the details of the transaction, payment terms and deadlines, so you will avoid future incidents.
  • Remove the notice from the portal when it has been sold, to prevent further requests about the published notice. Once sold or rented, be sure to withdraw the offer.
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