Automated decision – making EU EN

Lifull Connect integrates the content of the various classified ads websites in our Platform and directs quality traffic to their advertisements. Furthermore, we are capable of generating additional traffic by sending the right advert to the right user at the right time, through our native advertising products. We use automated decision-making procedures to respond to your choices on the Platform search engine, in order to render the services under the Legal Notice and offer you a quality and satisfactory service which is in accordance with your search.


Also, we generate user profiles. To do this we use cookies (if you have given your consent) and similar technologies that allows us to collect information about the searches you’ve made, the adverts or sections you’ve clicked on, the last adverts you’ve visited or the adverts that we’ve shown you on our websites. This information allows us to, for example, show you suggestions which are similar to your searches or visited adverts or to show you personalised adverts related to your searches. We could also store your pseudonymized IP address in order to send you commercial communications based on your location.