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APPLICABLE LEGISLATION AND JURISDICTION This terms and conditions for lifullconnect.com site as well as any other interaction therein between the User and Lifull Connect Group are subject to Spanish law. Any disputes or claims that may arise between Lifull Connect Group and the User, shall be resolved by the courts … Read More

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Please check below our specific Terms and Conditions when using our sites: Aggregation services: https://www.lifullconnect.com/legal-notice/ Real estate portal services for Globaliza, Icasas, Punto Propiedad, Imocasa, LaEncontré, Hipflat and Dot Property: https://www.lifullconnect.com/legal-notice-direct/ Real estate portal services for Properati and 365: https://www.lifullconnect.com/aviso-legal-properati/ and https://www.lifullconnect.com/aviso-legal-365/ Terms and Conditions for this lifullconnect.com site, please … Read More

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Welcome to Lifull Connect Group. If you want to know more about our services and our brands, please access https://www.lifullconnect.com/about-us.   Lifull Connect Group (comprising LIFULL CONNECT, S.L. and its subsidiaries or affiliates) is a global marketplace which provides online aggregation, real estate portals and advertising services in Real Estate, … Read More