3_T&C_Our Services and Third Parties’ Websites (EN)


Our websites only create an easier way to access advertisements and there is no association of any kind between us and the main publisher of the advertisements, so you understand as User that, whenever agreeing to a transaction, you are directly dealing with a third party outside of Lifull Connect Group. Therefore, we encourage you to have precaution, especially when making any sort of upfront payment.

Links to third parties are featured in each ad, so whenever selecting one, the User will be redirected to the original posting website.

Lifull Connect Group has no control whatsoever over those third parties’ websites nor it is responsible for its contents. If you wish to report any unauthorized content we encourage you to contact the main publisher, as deletion of the advertisement in the site or origin will cause deletion of the advertisement on our sites. Nevertheless, if you wish to report an unauthorized use exclusively on our sites, you can also contact us through this Form. (Link Form).