I found an expired ad

Through our technology, our system is updated every several hours so the content we show is as fresh as possible.

However, some markets such as apartment rental are so dynamic that some ads will become obsolete within a few minutes. At Trovit, Mitula, Nestoria and Nuroa we discard them from our search results as fast as we detect they are not available anymore, but this might take some hours.

In some cases, the person that published the ad doesn’t delete it on the property portal website and consequently, it still appears on our sites. If you come across an ad like that, please report it by clicking on the “Report” button, if available. Also, we advise you to contact the property portal where the ad is hosted so they can remove it. Once it is deleted in the original portal, Trovit, Mitula, Nestoria and Nuroa will remove it automatically within the next few hours.

If you have seen an ad that isn’t available anymore, we would be very thankful if you could report the ad by clicking on the “Report” button in the page results (this feature might not be available on all sites) or contact us at https://www.lifullconnect.com/contact-us/. We will then update our content as quick as possible.

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